This is the wordpress site for the CISC 326 F2016 project group, The Engineers. Here you can find info about us and our progress in the project.


The Team

Aranjit Daid

Growing up on the streets in Japan, Aranjit learned the only truth to the world: You have to fight to survive. With only a life of poverty ahead of him, Aranjit risked everything to build his future in the illegal underground gaming rings. The work was long, arduous and painful, but he found his passion and even developed a name for himself. No longer an unknown street urchin, Aranjit let the success cloud his judgement. He attracted the unwanted attention of video game titans like Square Enix and Nintendo who saw his quick rise to fame as a threat. They wanted him to throw his biggest game yet, but he refused. Instead they sabotaged his keyboard, and Aranjit could only watch as everything he worked so hard to build was destroyed before his very eyes. Aranjit lost everything on that fateful night. With debts to people he couldn’t pay, and the law hot on his heels, Aranjit changed his name and fled to Canada. He’s put his days of playing games behind him, but now looks to build his own video game empire. He hasn’t forgotten what Nintendo and Square Enix did to him, and one day he will return to Japan and exact his revenge.

Clark Holdham

When he was eight years old, Clark was stranded in the Arctic with only his gameboy and favorite blanky. As the cold isolation wore down his mind, Clark clung to his game of Pokemon for comfort. Through that game, he was able to draw the inspiration to tame the local wildlife, constructing an elaborate sleigh which carried him home. Since then, every night his dreams take him back to those desolate weeks. He hopes to free himself one day by recreating the experience in video game form. This is why he has joined The Engineers in the Game Architecture course. Also he likes long walks on the beach.

Nolan Nisbet

Since birth, Nolan has been regaled with tales of his heritage. He grew up on stories of epic adventures, legendary feats and priceless treasures. Every generation of his family had risen to greater prominence, from simple raiders to kings and conquerors. Yet, a wise woman foretold that the greatest of the Nisbet family would be born on the Summer Solstice, at midnight when the moon was at its greatest zenith. This Nisbet was Nolan. When he had come of age, Nolan ventured from his homeland to make his mark. He conquered cities, vanquished entire armies and slay dragons (which is why we don’t see them around anymore). Songs and tales were created to share his exploits, but there was something wrong. Nolan realized the world no longer listened to Viking song. So he set out on a pilgrimage to the great barren wastes of Canada, committing himself to a life of study as a Queen’s student with the singular goal of finding the medium to tell his tales. Fate continued to favour the young Viking. In CMPE 326 he learned about video games, and knew that it was his destiny to create the perfect video game to tell his story.

Ameris Rudland

Ameris likes all things creative. She’s always loved the thought of building a game and what that involves. When she first learned programming in high school, she thought about how she’d code Pokemon (in Turing!). She also talks frequently with her PC gaming sister are about how they’d develop a video game idea. As such, she’s excited to learn about the architecture behind games and how they’re designed. Occasionally Ameris will co-op with her sister on TF2, but she’s really holding out a gaming binge for when Breath of the Wild comes out…eventually…

Jeffrey Turnock

Jeffrey first developed a passion for game architecture in high school where he experimented with various video game development tools for popular video games such as Halo CE and Starcraft 2. Through studying game architecture, Jeffrey hopes to build on this background with a formal education in video game design. In his spare time Jeff likes writing, reading and swimming.


Madeline is also super creative. She’s into music, photography and figuring out how things work. Maddy also used to be a Sims addict…so there’s that.